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Wybalena Grove is a community housing development. It was established in the Canberra suburb of Cook in 1975, and comprises 105 townhouse units in a bushland setting of 11.5 ha (30 acres). Wybalena Grove is located to the south west side of the junction of Lyttleton Crescent and Bindubi Street. The townhouses vary in size between 60 m2 (6.5 squares) for a single bedroom unit to 180m(19.5 squares) for a five bedroom unit. Units are grouped in twos, threes, or fours. They are stepped back such that each unit has privacy from its neighbours and unobstructed views. All units have a northerly aspect. Shared facilities include a playing oval, tennis courts, a barbecue facilities, and children's playgrounds. A solar generation sytem sufficient to match the site's requirement for public area lighting is installed.

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