This page contains links to maps of underground services in Wybalena Grove as well as Google Maps views of Wybalena Grove and overlays showing the different Clusters and Zoneswybalenagrovemapsicon of the Wybalena Grove community. There are spreadsheets giving details of the community area lighting and watering systems

See Wybalena Grove with Google Maps

Underground Service Network Maps for Wybalena Grove


We have obtained digital maps of services within Wybalena Grove from Dial Before You Dig. They were valid in December 2010. Any changes since then should be apparent from signs of recent excavation around your unit.


The plans below are provided as a guide only as the Owners Corporation cannot vouch for their accuracy or ensure that they are always current at any time.

On this page we have placed links to water, sewer, electricity, gas, phone and TransACT maps in high resolution electronic form.

The plans are pdf files and you will need a PDF reader if you do not already have this, To obtain Adobe Acrobatfollow the instructions on the Adobe web site page.

Asset Location Information sheet from ActewAGL for the Electricity, Water and Sewer Networks in Wybalena Grove

Electricity Network

Water Network

Sewer Network and Drainage Plans

Sewer advice from ACTEW

Please note, some of the advice in the above ACTEW document refers to suburban blocks. The situation in Wybalena Grove is that the Owners Corporation is not responsible for any costs associated with the repair of any water, stormwater or sewerage main or tributary in Wybalena Grove. See the Information Booklet (122kB, PDF) and this Discussion paper for further explanation of this policy.

Gas Network

Telstra Network

TransACT Network

Currently there are no TransACT Assets (cables) in Wybalena Grove. Internet is delivered through the Telstra phone network

Recommended underground plant locating companies

Units Plan 116

The Units Plan 116 document includes site plans, floor plans (building footprint), provisions, covenants, and conditions applying to leases

The above document comprises images of plans. In order to make the text pages comprising text searchable these are available in text form:

Schedule of Provisions Covenants and Conditions subject to which the:

Common Ground Lights

The Common Ground Lighting data are contained in spreadsheets which may be viewed via the link.  Links to Cluster maps and images of individual Light Types are provided in these columns of the spreadsheet. 

Common Ground Watering Infrastructure

The Common Ground Watering data are contained in a spreadsheet which may be viewed via the link. Links to the Watering Plan  Map and to some Items are provided in this spreadsheet

Maps for review

Stormwater Drains

Cluster: (click on the link below for stormwater plan)

B & C

Water Supply

CACHS Hydraulic Services Water Supply Stage 2 (RG 17-17/75  - undated) - this map shows contours.

Sewer Connections

Sewer connections Cluster C - this map appears to be part of a larger TAMS map of Wybalena Grove sewerage -  it shows depth of sewer conduits.