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I was registered on the old website, now I cannot log in?

Registered users of the old website should have received an email explaining that their previous usernames and passwords are unchanged for the new website. If you did not receive the email that may have been because your previously registered email is no longer valid. In that case please re-register as described in the Member Application page

If you have forgotton your password plase see Forgot your password? below.

How do I register for access to the restricted area?

For access to the restricted area of the website you should be an owner or a tenant of a Wybalena Grove unit.

Please go to the Member Application page

You should receive an emailed reply in a day or two advising your username and password. 

How do I change my password or registered email address?

When you first register you will receive an email containing your username and  password. To change your password to one of your own choice (recommended) please go to the Main Menu item My details The page displayed will contain a form, Account details, in which you can enter a new password. For security passwords should contain at least 6 characters including upper and lower case letters and numerals.

You can use the same form to change your email address whenever necessary. Leave the password fields blank if you only want to change you email address. 

Click on the Save  button to register the change.

Helpful hints

  • Main Menu
    1. When you click on a Main Menu item if there are sub-menu items these will be displayed. For example, click on About Us and you will see sub-menu items Frequently asked questions, History,... etc. 
    2. The menu items that you see will depend on whether or not you are logged in.
  • Login Form
    1. Forgot your password? Click on the Forgot your password? link and provide your email address as requested. You will receive an email which contains a verification codeCopy the verification code to your clipboard and then click on the link given in the emal to return to a page which requests your username and the verification code. Provide your username and paste in the verification code. Submit.  A second email will provide you with a new password. After logging in with the new password you can proceed to the My details Main Menu item to change the password to one of your own choice.
    2. Forgot your username? Unlikely, as your username will be your first and last names followed by a number, normally your unit number (eg JohnSmith106). The procedure is otherwise to click on the Forgot your username? link and provide your email address. Submit the form and an email will be sent to you.

 Important: Both the above procedures require that you have your current email registered with us. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require help with this or any other website problem.

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