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Wybalena Grove Bush Scenery


Member Application

To register for access to the Wybalena Grove website please email your request to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. specifying:

  • Your name - first and last
  • Address
  • Telephone number(s), home, work, and mobile, as appropriate
  • Preferred contact email address
  • Whether you are an: Owner or Tenant
  • Your Wybalena Grove unit number

The Web Administrator will advise you of your Username and a Password. You may chenge the password to one of your own choice.





BushfireIconIn the event of fire

To report a FIRE in or close to Wybalena Grove

  • FIRST dial 000
  • THEN Contact the Community Fire Unit. Dial 0420 395 900 (Wybalena Grove CFU mobile)
  • THEN follow the procedures in your HOUSEHOLD FIRE PLAN
CFU Role Name Contact details

CFU Team Leader

Tony Ashton

6251 6224 (h)

CFU Mobile phone: 0420 395 900 (m) ONLY IN FIRE SEASON

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Unit 61

Communications Officer and Deputy Team Leader

Maureen McInroy

Mobile: 0451 682 999

Deputy Team Leader

Dick Roe

Home: 6251 3488 Mobile: 0401 090 407

Deputy Team Leader

Michelle McCann

Mobile: 0401 574 999 Home: 6253 1469


Bushfire and the Community Fire Unit

Following the Canberra bushfire crisis of January 2003 when 4 people were killed, approximately 500 houses destroyed and another 200 damaged, and 70% of the area of the ACT was damaged the ACT Government reviewed the administration of the bushfire services. One aspect of this review was to engage the community through Community Fire Units (CFU).

Community Fire Units are established under the ACT Emergencies Act - 2004 (1.5 Mb pdf here). The objective of a CFU is to enable people to learn how to assist with defensive protection of property and the use of fire-fighting equipment. CFUs undertake fire prevention work, assist, and work under the direction of the fire brigade both at the time of a fire and in its aftermath.

Given Wybalena Grove’s bushfire risk characteristics, the ACT Government has provided two well equipped trailers allocated to Cook CFU–011 and CFU–035. These two 'Units’, CFU–011 and CFU–035, operate as one unit in Wybalena Grove.

The procedures to be followed in the event of a bushfire are described in a Community Fire Plan .

The ACT Government Bushfire Ready Household Fire Plan pdf is available at this URL


Contact Questionnaire

It is helpful to the CFU to have up to date contact details for all residents so we can keep residents informed during a fire emergency.


We have an online, opt-in questionnaire at URL [URL not ready yet]. Please fill it in.


Privacy note:  Every endeavour will be made to keep confidential all the information you have provided. The information will be released to other Wybalena Grove residents and to the ACT Fire & Rescue on a strict need-to-know basis.


CFU trailers

Wybalena Grove is considered a sufficiently large area to require two CFU Units/ trailers. 


Southern Trailer (CFU-011) is behind the P5 carport in the parking area serving units 49 to 59

Northern Trailer (CFU-035) is north-east of the tennis court and Community Garden


In the low fire-risk months the trailers may be taken away by the Fire Brigade for maintenance.

The trailers are unlikely to be moved during a fire emergency. The Southern trailer is the CFU meeting point and the Northern trailer a secondary meeting point and a source of additional equipment.



Introductory training courses

There is a continual need for new CFU volunteers to replace members who leave Wybalena Grove or retire from our CFU. For residents interested in joining the our CFU the ESA offers an on-line training module and then a day of practical training at the ESA Hume Training Centre. The CFU can have both ‘Team Members’ who have completed practical training and are allowed to operate the trailer equipment and ‘Auxiliary Members’ who are those who have done the online course, but not the practical course, and can help with communication within Wybalena Grove thus sparing trained members to operate the hoses and other equipment. All Wybalena Grove residents are encouraged to do the on-line training and information module even if you do not wish to join the CFU. The information provided in the module is valuable to your fire awareness. The role of CFU team members is to assist the ACT Fire & Rescue in their designated area - in our case only in Wybalena Grove. The CFU falls under the direct control of the ACT Fire & Rescue and will operate in close coordination with ACT Fire & Rescue units before and during a fire. If a fire threatens, our CFU is likely to activate before the Fire Brigade arrives by, for example, wetting down areas, setting up hoses and other equipment, assisting elderly and disabled residents. This enables the Fire Brigade to concentrate resources at more distant fire fronts to prevent them even reaching Wybalena Grove. CFU members are not expected to assist in ways that exceed their personal limits.


Hydrant flushing 

Your Community Fire Unit (CFU) starts the fire season having a training exercise that involves evicting resident ants from the fire hydrant holes and flushing the fire hydrants to ensure they are in good working condition if the ACT Fire Brigade or the CFU needs to use them.

Sometimes the mains water becomes coloured because we take water from the mains unusually quickly and disturb sediment in the mains pipes. If this is a problem, then please store some water in containers before the exercise in your area begins. Also please let Tony Ashton know if you notice coloured water coming from your taps after the flushing so we can learn where the problem occurs most.

While CFU members will conduct the exercise any Wybalena Grove resident who is interested in the CFU is welcome to attend, practice under supervision and discuss possible further training.

If you are interested in training to join the Wybalena Grove CFU contact the Team leader Tony Ashton.


Tony Ashton

Community Fire Units 011 & 035 Team Leader 

61 Wybalena Grove

Cook, ACT 26 l4

CFU Mobile Phone: 0420 395 900 (Monitored only during the fire season)